Our Brands & Partners

ABE is part of a family of brands founded under its parent brand Norland International in 2013. Norland’s 30+ years of experience in the water equipment industry paved the way for ABE’s success and growth. Norland Pure is a subsidiary of Norland International.

Our Brands

Norland International

Norland International is the world leader in producing state-of-the-art water treatment and packaging equipment for the bottled water industry.

Norland Pure

Norland Pure is a Lincoln, Nebraska company providing customers the greatest tasting bottled water for the best value with unmatched customer service.

Our Partners

ABE Equipment partners with distributors around the globe so we may better serve our international customers.

Vigo Ltd

Vigo Ltd is our distribution partner in the United Kingdom.


Viniquip is our distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand.


McPack is our distribution partner in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.


Elnova is our distribution partner in Canada.