Brewing Fermenters Built To Last A Lifetime


Producing craft beverages is a science and the key to every scientific process is control. With our stainless steel fermenters, only what you want to ferment gets in, while everything else is kept out. Made of 304L stainless steel, you will get the desired results without worrying about external influences. Available in sizes from 1 – 300 BBLs and in a variety of finishes, these brewery fermenters are ready to work.


  • 8” hop port
  • 360º CIP Spray Ball
  • Multi-Zone Glycol Jackets
  • All gauges and temp probes standard
  • Perlick-style sample valve
  • Design Pressure: 30 PSI
  • Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve: 30 PSI
  • DIN fitting racking arm
  • Vertical, stacked, or horizontal tanks available

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