Assisted Brewing Package

ABE With The Assist!


The new ABE Equipment Assisted Brewing Package makes brewing a breeze. It provides automated assistance with Liquor Blending, Vorlauf/Wort Grant, Sparge Control, Lauter to Kettle Transfer, Whirlpool Transfer, Knockout to Fermenter, and Liquor Tank Management. All new ABE brewhouses are equipped with the Assisted Brewing Package. Request a Quote online or speak with a Solution Specialist today at 402-475-2337!


Liquor Blending:

  • Smart Valves manage liquor flow/temperature
  • Volumetric Auto-Stop
  • Match liquor flow rate to grain bill for consistent hydration

Vorlauf & Wort Grant:

  • Smart Valves manage vorlauf flow wort grant level
  • Auto shut-off to prevent grant overflow or pump cavitation
  • Timer for turbidity inspection
  • Reduce stuck mash risk

Sparge Control:

  • Smart Valves manage liquor flow/temperature & grant level
  • Volumetric Auto-Stop
  • Compensates for HLT hydrostatic pressure for constant flow
  • Reduce stuck mash risk

Lauter to Kettle Transfer:

  • Smart Valves manage transfer flow & grant level
  • Match transfer rate to fly sparge rate
  • Auto shut-off to prevent grant overflow or pump cavitation
  • Volumetric Auto-Stop

Whirlpool Transfer:

  • Set whirlpool recirculation time
  • Manage flow/pump speed
  • Set whirlpool rest time

Knockout to Fermenter:

  • Self-managed pump speed to maintain constant temperature
  • Achieve perfect pitch temperature every time
  • Accurately tracks transfer volume

Liquor Tank Management:

  • Real-time temperature & volume monitoring
  • Programmable tank volume limits
  • Auto-fill
  • Remote viewing and control


Have Questions? Interested in a Quote?

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