CraftCan Duo Series

Versatile Canning At Its Best


The CraftCan Duo Series Canning System offers all the great features of the CraftCan, but with more versatility and throughput. The CraftCan Duo45 offers a throughput of up to 45 CPM and is upgradeable to the CraftCan Duo90, which offers a throughput of up to 90 CPM. When upgrading from a 45 to a 90, a second lane and seamer station is added allowing you to double your output. These lanes operate independently allowing for two can sizes or two different products to be packaged simultaneously. Our Duo canning lines offer a full length drip tray ensuring a clean and safe working area as well as proprietary recipe recall software to optimize your commercial canning.


  • Patented Servo Seamer™ monitors & inspects each can in real-time
  • The proprietary recipe recall feature reduces setup time
  • Rotary can indexing with on-screen micro-adjustments for precise can seam positioning
  • Optional casters for mobile canning
Collage of canned beer, coffee soda, liquor, tea, and kombucha

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