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ABE mash tuns come in a variety of options. For larger systems, we recommend using our steam-jacketed products. For smaller setups, we offer electric versions with heating elements submerged in an oil bath. The oil is then circulated, allowing the small mash tun to achieve the desired temperature. Depending on your distillation methods, we also offer mash tuns with or without a false bottom. No matter what option you choose, ABE’s dedicated sales and customer service teams are ready to get your product made and out the door!


Control System

  • 5UL Certified
  • Digital control panel
  • Automatic temperature controls
  • Variable speed drives for brewhouse motors/pumps
  • Manual fluid valves
  • Emergency Stop Safety Feature

Mash/Lauter Tun

  • 5bbl – 60bbl options
  • Electric or steam options
  • Stainless steel grist hydrator w/ hot & cold hydration inlet
  • Upper and lower steam or oil jackets w/ independent valve control
  • Heavy Duty false bottom with pillar support system*
  • CIP spray nozzles under false bottom*
  • Fully insulated vessel
  • Stainless steel
  • SS CIP High-flow Rotary Spray Ball with 360° of coverage.
  • Interior light
  • Sparge ring assembly*
  • Top manway (tempered glass)
  • Side manway for automatic spent grain out process*
  • Automatic variable speed rake system and spent grain plow*
  • Dual zone steam or oil jackets

*Available on select units – Please discuss with your sales rep.

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