Pilot Still Skid

Your All-In-One Distilling Solution


ABE has developed a simple way for startup craft distiller pioneers to establish a small-scale craft still without spending a vast amount of money. With our Pilot Still Skid, you get a small still paired with fermenters mounted on a skid system that is ready to plug and play. This is also a great solution for the already established brewery looking to get into spirits. Distill vodka, whiskey, gin, and other clear spirits utilizing this micro still. Depending on your production needs, additional options include a rectifying column, whiskey helmet, or spirits safe.


  • 50 gal 304 Stainless Steel Boil Pot
  • Explosion Proof Heating Elements
  • Manual Agitator
  • 3 x 100 gal Fermentation Tanks (Steel or Poly)
  • Skid-Mounted
  • CSA Certified Heating Elements

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