CraftCan Series

Beverage Canning Equipment Made For You


The CraftCan Canning systems fill, lid, and seam up to 15 or 35 cans per minute in a wide variety of sizes to provide diversity to your brands. The CraftCan15 is easily upgradable to the CraftCan35 to increase throughput as your business grows. These small footprint canners can be outfitted with casters allowing them to be the ideal mobile canning machine or just maneuverable to get them out of the way when not in use.

Some more features of every CraftCan canning line is its precision filling. ABE’s one-piece stainless steel fill heads are built with proprietary CO2 micro-burst ports that help manage beer foam. Other features include a quick-change lid magazine to increase efficiency, a post can rinser and dryer for clean and dry cans ready for packaging and labeling, and full-length drip tray ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Collage of canned beer, coffee soda, liquor, tea, and kombucha

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