Micro Distillery Equipment

ABE Equipment has developed a unique approach to producing small-batch craft spirits. It is proud to support the growth of the small crafts spirits producer with the development of the Patriot Micro Distillery. Depending on a few variations of how you would like to approach your distillery, the Patriot Micro Distillery can be delivered in one of three configurations, including ABE’s Pilot Still, Still Skid, or Mash Skid (all listed below).

Requiring less than 500 square feet of production space, the Patriot Micro Distillery is a compact solution that can produce up to 6,000 gallons of top-quality spirits per year! Call ABE Sales at 402-475-2337 today for your custom configuration or read more in our Patriot Micro Distillery brochure.

For increased production capacity, check out ABE’s Patriot Craft Stills, built to 1,000 gallons.

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